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‘As a watchman I must just sound the trumpet and not fight your wars’ -Esah O. Peter
It was obviously for exploitative intent. The colonial masters knew definitely that the hides and showmanship in crafts had no stay in any viable economy. What a metonymy? So to salvage a resolution for their own good had merged the rich-lands with the desert fields, the entrepreneurs and the sparcemodiacs, the few and the many, for the singular intent of refurbishing a magnanimously impoverished many proliferating themselves like a faulty photocopy machine would. This singular bar-consult action has greased up age-long hostilities among persons, groups, and government in the country till date.

Bitter deep is the reality that no one single man can estimate the totality of lives the hostilities between people of the rich lands and that of the desert fields have claimed knowing well that aside all forms of outbreak of epidemic every other crisis whatsoever have always danced to the melody of this hydra-headed dichotomy.

Propagated like an apothecary, the carriage that suture both is best in favor of the proliferating many hence the call for a break off from established bondage [as the rich-lands popularly call it] has never failed in its creed. While many are crying for a margin, individuals with estate in deviant lands dare not wish for a break away or worst still an outbreak of some putrid wars which as before largely ended in a stalemate where the vanquished victored and the victored vanquished only for the palaces to be built instead of the rickety fields that borne and sunk all the war tears, bullets and blood on its head like an ugly old hawker of wax.

Wars has always mortgage for other wars. David’s ascension to the throne may have ended the persistence of the Philistines but failed to stop the palace self in-cursed coup of blood and smirk; did Solomon appease it? No! He in fact aggravated it. Just then our friendly foe, the Ammorites returned and before much was done came our purgation in Nebuchadnezzar yet still it only creased another 70years of wars back into another war of rebuilding.

Does war ever cease?
What they fail to see is that there are fighting and enemy who is no enemy and have left the real enemy to ride on them. Just like a game of chess, we keep running away from the fiercesomeness of the Queen while the proliferated Pawns hunt us to surrender.

Nothing better canonizes this than the declarative ‘my people perish for lack of understanding’. Call you any man and ask him where freedom lay and he will begin to paint histories of ode, epic and lullaby to you. Not many or any would remember to enlist to you that ‘righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to many people’. Truly, there is always sweet freedom to have a course fought for and achieved but quickly does it turns a bitter peal.

Vanity upon vanity said the teacher.

War give way to more wars, peace is sacred; it abode in no earthly home!

Few people doing Great work!

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