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Meet Officially Adesewa Salako, Face of Gimmehear 2017 (Exclusive Interview)

After the long race for first edition of Face of Gimmehear, it was time to meet the winner, Adesewa Salako, a student of Unilorin, personally.

The interview was carried out by Fadaka Louis. Enjoy and learn more about her below.

GBETU TV: Please in a concrete way, introduce yourself.
Adesewa Salako: My name is Salako Adesewa Sarah, am a  400l student of statistics department from university of unilorin, I am the CEO of Sara Beads and wigs.

GBETU TV: How do you feel being the first winner of Face of Gimmehear?
Adesewa Salako: I feel privileged and happy

GBETU TV: How did you win and what was the competition like?
Adesewa Salako: The competition was so tense, twas really close. But with good friends around me, they helped with canvassing vote.

Adesewa Salako: Yh

GBETU TV: do you manage school and social events like this?
Adesewa Salako: Hmm, I guess I don't interfere school affairs with my social life, when it's time to read I do and when it's time to flex to I don't hesitate to. I'm more of a career person but I don't leave my social life dormant either.

GBETU TV: By a career person, how do you mean. What do you mean being a career person, using yourself as example?
Adesewa Salako: OK, like I want to study to the highest level of my profession, and also I intend reaching the peak of my career too.

GBETU TV: I understand you are a professional hairdresser and a bead maker. Are these the only things you do?
Adesewa Salako: For now, yes, but I intend going into one more hand skills.

Adesewa Salako: Yes

GBETU TV: So which of the mentioned will be your career path?
Adesewa Salako: Like I said I want to get to the peak of my career, and alongside, run a business of either one or more of my handskills.

GBETU TV: Fine! Tell us about your hairdressing business, how do you manage it and what are your specialties?
Adesewa Salako: It's been going on well at least, I don't have a shop yet because of school so I do home services most times, I fix hairs and weavons mainly, both on the hair and wigs.

GBETU TV: What type of hairs do you specialise on and how have you been able to improve on it as a general style?
Adesewa Salako: Like I said I fix hairs and weavons, both on hair and wigs, but I surf the net a lot, I improve my skills by watching new styles and new methods on YouTube, and other social networks.

GBETU TV: Hummm! This business of yours, its majorly at school right?
Adesewa Salako: Yes majorly at school because most of clients are students but have gotten a few work outside school too, like someone seeing my wig, and asking who made it , so all that got me work from outside too.

GBETU TV:Beautiful! So what effect does Unilorin  have on your business or have done to it?
Adesewa Salako: Hmmm, really unilorin provides most of my prospective clients because most times, I go the school hostel and make hair, and most clients I get are from school, like 70% of my clients are student of unilorin.

GBETU TV: How many lecturers patronise you? 
Adesewa Salako: Hmmmm, like a two or three, because I don't really hang around except for classes so I don't really have encounters wit them.

GBETU TV: Can you mention their names?
Adesewa Salako: Hahahaha, they weren't persistent so I don't think I need to mention their  names.

GBETU TV: Fair! You mentioned surfing the internet a lot while trying to improve on your skills, do you encourage others to do the same and on a rate of 1-10 how much has it helped?
Adesewa Salako: It depends on those u referring to as others, because people around also surf the net a lot too, I will say 8, it has really helped because there are some styles have never done before but seeing a video of how it is done, really helps, and some I forgot some due to lack of practice, I learn them back, so it really helpful.

GBETU TV: As an advice to others, mention three social media mediums you use in improving your business and briefly how you use them?
Adesewa Salako: I  make use of two majorly, Instagram where I see new styles and get inspired to do them, then YouTube really helps in learning how it's been done, and it's been saving me since.

GBETU TV: Fine! So Gimmehear has gotten you to this level of promotion and business unveiling, how do you intend improving on yourself, education and business ?
 Adesewa Salako: Am grateful to Gimmehear for giving me this platform of unveiling my business, I intend learning more on what I know, and also want to go into  bridal hair styling , an advancement on hair. Making, and learn more of my beads, am almost through wit my first degree, then after service I hope to get a job soon, so I could enroll for my next degree. I also face model for makeup artistes, I  wish to get more of it.

GBETU TV: Lol! A funny one here! I heard something. Is your next degree going to be marriage?
Adesewa Salako: Lol! Marriage can come up any time after school.

GBETU TV: So its truly part of the degree then?
Adesewa Salako: Sure

GBETU TV: Hehe! So why statistics? And how do you intend using it?
Adesewa Salako: I love calculations, so I wanted to do mathematics but looking at the job opportunities of mathematics restricted to lecturing, I chose to go for statistics. A statistician can work anywhere, but I will like working wit a company, of at the Federal Bureau of Statistics or better still I'ld love to lecture, it all depends on what life throws at me, I pray it throws the best.

GBETU TV: Amen! So how can we find you on social media?
Adesewa Salako: You can add me on WhatsApp with, 08102354783, Instagram: @loniadesewa, Facebook:  Loni Adesewa. Twitter @kejjjy.

GBETU TV: Any last words? 
Adesewa Salako: I want to say thank you once again for this opportunity,  it's a privilege I will never take for granted, and also a big thank you to all people  and also to tell them, "life isn't just about racing, but racing with a goal and determination helps reaching the destination with fulfilment." Thanks!

GBETU TV: Nice chatting with you, we are happy having you at Gbetu. Cheers!

Adesewa Salako: Thanks Gbetu. It's my pleasure!

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