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Update from Yabatech: Part-time students stand against fee hike, calls on Dr Kudirat, SSANIPS, ASU, full-time students and others for support.

Following the reduction of full-time fee and the failure of Yabatech management to reduce part-time fees, part-time students led by Part-time Student Representatives (PSR) are calling on full-time students; the Rector, Dr Kudirat Ladino, the Academic Staff Union (ASU), Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) and other concerned body for support which might eventually lead to the fee reduction.

The circular which came to light on Thursday, 15th June was on a bitter and pleading tone. It states how the part-time section of the credible college is totally neglected while been used as "CBN".

Their fees are used to accumulate Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) which is used to develop the collage, make the fulltime section look good and pleasant but their own class die of common PA System.

"...we lack electricity in our lecture theatre, our environment of learning is not conducive, our lecturers are not being paid steadily, hence, leading to constant strike by the Academic Staff Union..."

They went further to complain of many other situations including the years which they stay in school - 3years on admission, 4years to graduate.

The representatives in a peaceful manner therefore call on the management and those with voice to be considerate as the countries condition is hard enough and most of these students are already withdrawing after one year of hardship.

"We hereby call on the Rector, Dr. (Mrs) Kudirat Ladipo, the entire YABATECH management, alongside the Academic Staff Union, SSANIPS, and the Non-Academic Staff Union to help review the school fee."

Moreover, source says only Three Thousand Naira was reduce from the Full-time fee.

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