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Dj Smooth Brought Entertainment Home with one Pool Party

When Dj Smooth says its time for show, be sure its time. Artists of the day will always long for another day with him.

From left: Dj Vickiss and Dj Smooth at the Pool Party
With a single event titled the "Get Wet Sunday Pool Party", an event which is held monthly by Rhythm Fm Dj smooth and his incredible artists, the audience were rocked with diverse talent.

The event which was held on Sunday, 25th June at the Pelican Hotel brought down celebrity DJs and artist.

Easily recognisable artist was Train, Tver, Sempy, Billz, Sam kingpin, Novo, Rijji rokka, Ade piper, Honey drop and Zico da cypha while the DJs were Dj Vickiss and Amazine Dj Nestle.

The event got everyone mingling easily with each other. Aside the fast rising music artists involved other people from the audience were giving chance to try their music skill or more, revive it.

It was an event filled with fun. It involved rap, comedy, dance and other " water games".

I'm done.

Enjoy photos below (Its a sort of Gallery though)

Amazine DJ Nestle


Amazine Dj Nestle's Boy (Dj)

Gbetu Kelvin

Uncle Fadaka

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