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Mr Easy announces the Two most played Artist in UK.

So its all about the lions in UK now and African music artist.

Easy music maker, who belongs to no label, Mr Easy, has bragged to be one of the most played Music artist in United Kingdom radio. The other artist is Nigerian starboy, WizKid.

What Wizkid is doing right now, there’s nobody in the game doing what he’s doing. ‘If you go into the UK and put on the radio, the only two artistes you’ll most likely hear on radio are myself and Wizkid. ‘If you put on the TV, you would see myself and Wizkid on it. And the next R2Bees project, you will see it there. ‘At the end of the day, it’s like, I’ve done everything, I’ve given you guys hits on hits.

He also claims that he and Wizkid are the best selling artist.

About record labels, he goes further to say he has turned down numerous record deal offers going into millions of dollars because he is with Starboy.

Between the first Ghana Music Awards where Wizkid announced me till now, I’ve gotten record deal offers going into millions of dollars." '‘I’ve not signed because I see that there’s growth (with Starboy Worldwide), so the evidences are clear.

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