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Read how fans lambasted Iyanya on Notjust Ok

So I heard this song on radio firs and was wondering who the new artist making wave was,

"Hold on...when e enter you go feel am..."

not knowing its a familiar person, just couodnt link it until I took the Lagos Blue Bus, and there, the video, starting with these to beautiful frustrated ladies and there Iyanya.

It got me thinking though, but I ignored it for the love of good or should I say fair music. I decided to download it, then, options for best download site, I chosed Notjust  OK, though it disappointed me, which even made me scroll down for options then is saw this angry fans comment.

"This one is finished, even Don Jazzy cannot resurrect his career"

I was still trying to justify what he ment when I saw this heavy comparism, which got me really "thoughting", who introduced Tecno? Why did Iyanya really leave his record label for Mavins  Record? 
Well here is my say, Iyan, remember the days of Kukere , the people want it. But if there is a contrary, I hope there is an album involved.

By the way, the song involved is " Hold On by Iyanya"

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