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Why Slim Tea is just a phase to loosing Weight.

So I see Annie Idibia, Kim Kardashian, Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo and some other key female celebrities promoting Slim Tea, though I wonder how FLAVOUR is helping when Genevieve, is just chilling.

I believe this tea is just to improve self esteem, I mean why is Kate Henshaw different?

Kate discovered the highest and best form of keeping the body natural and this is through proper and well coordinated exercise. 

We complain of corruption daily, saying the government do this and that, cheat daily but forget we do the same, instead of doing things the proper way we look for ways of making life easy forgetting some things are not ment to be easy! 

We take coffee not to sleep or sleep, we ignore eggs because of fat forgetting we need fat to keep us warm and supply us with oxygen when we are in need, we take the elevator to avoid walking all the way up or down the stair cases, we use spray tan to glow our skin instead of just maintaining it traditionally and then we avoid simple dedication of few minutes for exercise by taking slim tea.

For women, ladies and even young girls, the hour glass shape, especially has become the goal of the day but almost none wants to work for hips. Market for free hips arises. 

The major issue between male and female who try enhancing or adding to their body shape, structure or appearance is based of influence and probably due to lack of self-esteem.

The Slim Tea is just a phase to loosing weight, it doesn't determine you able to "carry your own weight", you able to run ten yards without collapsing, you breathing hard when you climb stair cases, when you go for shopping or to market and come back, even when you are moving around, cooking in your kitchen, it only removes the fat it can deal with, all other elements are left for you to handle and this can easily be sorted with those things you do when you was young - jump up an down, do jumping jack, roll your waist, go left go right, azonto a mature way.

Think healthy, stay alive.

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