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4 Smart Solution if Someone throws Acid on You!

So we leave in a world where people have no heart when retaliating or just "having fun" per se. 

Self-Defense doesn't have to come with so much sweat all the time, infact most time it doesn't. Self-defense is all about brain - what you do when tensed is what its all about.

Now, on the main gist, what do you do if acid is thrown at you?

If you see any liquid thrown at you, (even if it's water) especially at your face (because this is usually the site targeted by assailants for maximum damage), and you don't have time to duck and dodge, well here are Four Things to Do When Someone Pours Acid on You.

1. Use your hand to shield your face against the liquid and at the same time close your eyes. Flee from the source of the attack, (because they can throw more at you), shout for help and shout as loud as you can.

Concentrated acid is highly destructive. If it is dropped on someone's hand, it will start burning or "eating" the surface where it is dropped. If nothing is done to halt its progress, it would continue till it gets to the bone and if nothing is done, it can "eat" away the bone as well.
Solution: All you need is WATER. Lots of Water

2. Put the affected part under running water, you need to be under continuous running water for at least 30 mins. 

 Leave the Hospital out of this, remember no treatment betters first aid.

3. Don't put anything like oils, creams, ointments etc. as this might adversely affect the treatment doctors will give you later. Water is all you need.

Now you can go to Hospital.

4. Remove all the jewelry, clothing and apparel which had contact with acid.

Be wary of someone coming towards you with a cup, bottle etc.

Be aware and alert of your surroundings and of people moving suspiciously around you.
Watch out for people who might bear a grudge against you. And if you see them approaching menacingly, run and alert people around as you.

Finally, come learn Karate, the kicks always come handy.

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