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Lagos State Government: The Bulldozer Sect and Most Irrational.

Some days ago, August 18th, 2017, hundreds of people lost their home at Iwaya, Yaba, Lagos.

This was the Lagos state government reaction to the beheading of a 4year old child in the area, as a result total demolishing of every single house there with Bulldozers was ordered.

This will be a long time mark on those who stayed at Ogbe close, Abete, Balogun and so on.

Where do people start from when you react this way. So I got thinking, then I realise this is the only way the sect like solving problem. Their inability to handle the pressure or face the press is to be suffered be many silently and always.

When Governor Ambode was assigned newly, he was always on the news, I was surprised noticing him at Ikorodu when some girls where kidnapped, but now I guess he is too busy, he has probably joined the "Team Bulldozer".

The Lagos state government never do anything the right way, if the want something they just go get it, weather its yours or not. No wonder people like Ashogbon have the mouth to say all lands in Bariga belongs to them, therefore they must be notified when you buy a land, they must be notified before you start building and they must! Must be notified when you want to renovate your own house!

Most times I feel its tribal but when I weigh it I know its not, well if it is, then it's a good strategy per se.

For the past two to three years Yaba market has been on threat. Knowing it to be the most popular and common ground for marketing of shoes, clothes, wigs, jewelries and so on, a smart government would look for ways of making it a tourism-possible standard-market but no, instead it went the bully way, built its own market, own previously by the people, instead of now putting it on a subsidised rate, they placed the cost on first class. Now the people say its too much, instead of finding solution you decide to frustrate them even at night. Please someone tell me which law enforcement agency works at night, is it KAI too? I saw some, a different uniform, ash like, chasing traders at the market around 9pm.

Ebute, the one located at Ilaje-Bariga is not safe as well. For the past 4years, even more the government have discovered their "mongo park".

Shutout to Senator Raji Fashola's government with insight, who smartly capitalised on the fish business and built a serious fish pod there to make way for safer fish and continuous circulation of fish in the state but not the bulldozer guys, instead they plan on sending everyone there away. At some point, news had it that they wanted to build a mega police station, uuuuuh! Really, so its police things now, why not use the money to renovate their stations, put in better facilities there and pay their hard earn salary!

This Ebute, followed by the one at Oyingbo  is the best and highest market for any type of sand, less of clay though, instead of making the business modern, or make them pay tax, selfishness takes over. How do you want this people to feed, where would people who all there life its been this sand business go to? A business that have been passed from generation to generation! And you expect people to chill?

Roads that should be done are left untouched! Bariga has the worst roads in mainland. Ilaje road which happens to be the biggest route to their "mongo park" is terrible. Don't you dare come with a jeep on that road, not think of Ferrari.

G*d knows what they plan on doing at the other side of Iyanoworo. Oshodi have always been their joking place, they use there for all sort of experiment. The people,I pity.
I am sure they still got eyes on our popular Oyingbo  Market, 'cos they have been off and on there.

The government need be more reasonable, make findings, make research, be compassionate by sending notice. Don't just be a "Bulldozer".

Just Saying
Fadaka Louis.

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