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OAU: Moremi Executives address the issue of Hall, Common Room, Power and Water supply. (Latest)

Office of the Moremi Hall Executives



We the executives of Moremi Hall want to salute our gallant and ever conscious moremites for your usual cooperation, support and your patience towards an improved standard of living for Moremites.

We would like to bring to your notice of our pressing agitation on the issue of blackout on corridors, bathrooms and toilet has yielded fruitful results. Presently, there have been light in 80 percent of our corridors, toilets and bathrooms. This was done as an efforts to ensure proper and adequate lightning in the hall. 

We would like to add that this has not been extended to some part of the hall especially block C due to some wiring connections. We are aware of this and we have mandated that the wiring connections be done promptly. 

We are on our toes to ensure that there is supply of light on all corridors,toilets and bathrooms.

   Greatest Moremites! Articulate Moremites!

We would ensure that more bulbs are provided due to the fact that the ones supplied are not adequate.

State of condition of the burnt room in the hall
We are pleased to inform you that work will commence fully on the renovation of the burnt room as soon as possible.

In a meeting we had  yesterday with the Housing Director, Director Olasupo, he affirmed the reality of renovation of the burnt room. We promise all Moremites that we would not relent in ensuring that the welfare condition of Moremi Hall is at its peak.


  Greatest Moremites! Articulate Moremites! 

Concerning the renovation of the Common room that is being carried out by this administration and the Hall Management, we want to inform all Moremites and at large OAU students that the only thing delaying the commissioning of the common room is the supply of chairs. This will be adequately done and will be supplied before the end of next week. This will allow its commissioning and then the new face of the bed bug free and newly renovated common room can be viewed by all.  This will then afford us all the opportunity of using our common room for our regular activities and parties(term and conditions apply).

During the Vice Chancellor visit  to Moremi hall  yesterday, we made him understand in person that moremites are not happy with the epileptic power supply that we are subjected to. We reminded him of our deadline and that we were running out of patience. We condemned the act of sharing light with architecture. He said that he understood our plight and appealed to us that we should be a little bit patient.

He added that they are at the last procedure of getting a new transformer and that he can assure us that sooner than we think of we will have our own transformer.

This will bring an end to sharing of light in Moremi Hall and our transformer that would supply electricity to all  Moremites would be restored.

In a meeting we held with the Vice Chancellor, we also brought to his notice of the water condition being supplied to us in Moremi.

The water which is not only  very dirty but bad. A water capable of inhabiting germs and diseases. He welcomed our resolution and way out of the situation.

We  reached a conclusion that there will be installation of engine in our well which will be our alternative source of water during water scarcity and a paramount importance of clean water supply. This we believe will ensure that Moremites are safe and can have an healthy lifestyle in the hall.

On a final note, we assure all Moremites that we the executives are working on the welfare conditions of Moremi Hall and we would not rest until we get a safe, conducive and comfortable welfare condition. We appreciate all Moremites for the support and love showered on this administration.

  We wish you all success in the on going exam.

Aluta continua! Victoria Asserta!

OLAOPA Oluwatosin Victoria
(Adunni Ade) 

Hall Secretary:
Adeniji Charity Titilope

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