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That Killer Yaba in Bangladesh.

Yaba could be a popular market in Lagos,Nigeria but somewhere on the other side of earth, its a drug...not just a regular drug but an addictive on - a narcotic in one word.

A very harmful-popular drug at Bangladesh.

Yaba is a combination of methamphetamine and caffeine. They are candy like tablets that come in different flavors, and bright colors. Users typically heat the tablet, which sits on aluminum foil, and then inhale the vapors from the melting tablets. Others crush the tablets into powder and snort them.

In 2016 alone, the Bangladesh Border Guards seized more than 29 million pills, more than 35 times the amount confiscated in 2010, according to figures from the Department of Narcotic Control.
This drug became popular in 2007 but more popular in 2016 after research careied out on 80,000 people àddicted drug addicts results 80per cent using Yaba.
In 2013, a young girl çalled Oishee  Rahman, an addict of Yaba, stabbed her sleeping parent to death while sleeping because they sized her cell phone (angry she mixed their coffee with sedatives), locked her younger brother in the bathroom and called a friend to pick her up. She latter handed herself to the police.
Rahman was sentenced to death in November 2015. In its verdict, the court said Rahman had "planned the murder well ahead." She was 19 years old at the time.
In June 2017, a Dhaka High Court commuted Rahman's death sentence to life in prison, having taken into account her age and her mental health.
Yaba pills typically contain methamphetamine, caffeine and non-active bulking agents. It creates a hyper-alert state of rushing energy.
It has a vanilla smell and the smoke tastes cannot be explained. First there is a warm feeling in your chest and then you get this rush.

Yaba, is quite a respected ancient drug. It appeared among the Bangladeshi elites, people who the rest of the population aspired to be like.
It became a symbol of smartness, fashion and aristocracy. Model girls, film heroines, singers, dancers and many of the celebrities became a subject of media reports for abusing it.
"Our government is serious about stopping yaba," said Najnin Sarwar Kaberi, organizing secretary for the ruling Awami League party in Cox's Bazar, a fishing town in Bangladesh.
"But it's difficult because some junior officials are involved in smuggling and some foolish border guards are taking payments and letting the drugs in. It's very hard to find out who is involved," she said.

Advantage of Yaba
* It can help you stay up all night. 
* It keeps you hyper alert.
* Just like other addictive, it helps you "think faster and clearly".

Disadvantage of Yaba
* It makes you very lazy.
*  It is addictive.
* It puts you in a confused state, making you do terrible things in a happy state ( it can be called Vampire Blood).

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