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Unilag: Lament as suspicious men collects phone numbers.

Lament as suspicious looking men collects phone numbers from students for unknown reasons, especially the ladies.

News have it that they have been there for a while and allegedly looking for prey.

First witness: Gals in the building b careful there are some guys roaming around UNILAG... And they are looking both suspicious collecting numbers of gals mostly... I think they are looking for a prey........just b wise.....and b watchful....tnx

Second witness: Dearest! I almost fall a victim yesterday at New Hall bus stop going to Senate for one consignment! D girl lady in front of Access bank meeting me & be asking me if I can Precious & I said no she said I should help her to type no 4rm her phone! Them I fund deft & Dump oh my sister!

Therefore the call for caution on all Unilag students and visitors. Security measures is expected to oz .

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