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If experience is the best teacher, here's why.... - Emmanuel #Elenu #PsychologistOfChange

Here is another piece from fast rising writer, Emmanuel Uti. He soliloquizes the idea behind EXPERIANCE.


An average person believes that experience is the best teacher. Whether they believe it or not, it reflects in their conversations. You hear, “It has happened before, there's nothing to change. It'll happen again".

I often wonder, if experience really is the best teacher, then people shouldn't be as dumb as they are.

All the time, we fail to learn from history, and we eventually repeat history to our detriment.

After asking that question several times, I observed that people don't learn from experience because of three horrendous reasons.

The first is that people reason instinctively instead of thinking intellectually.

The second is that we don't evaluate experience; we just feel an experience is enough.

The third is what I'll explain; we don't learn from experience because we create every experiences from experience. How?

The words we use in describing an event determines what we call experience. As an entrepreneur, if you failed in business a year ago and you call yourself a failure, creating stupid reasons why you'll never succeed, you're likely to fail again.

Thus, for you, that experience of failing is the best teacher. But since what we experience is usually not what happened, it means if you reframe the event and say “Sometimes I win, sometimes I learn”, you've created your experience by evaluating it.

I urge you to be careful on how you store your experience in your head!

P. S.
You create your experience by how you interpret an experience; and you perceive what you want to perceive.

Emmanuel Uti

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