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Trending right now is Wizkid and Nikky Minaj

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The most story on fleek is about Wizkid and Nikky Minaj. They both have promised fans new singles.

Wizkid on a busiess coditio promise to drop aother sog if his curret sog, Everytime featurig Future gais 1millio plays.

  29 minutes ago29 minutes agoMore1M plays and i'll drop another song 😈 EVERYTIME FT. FUTURE (PROD BY SHIZZI) by STARBOYMusic on

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Also, Nikky Minaj i a interview has promised to also drop a new single that will e "a million times more epic than"Anaconda"

  24 hours ago24 hours agoMoreNicki Minaj promises new music will be "a billion times more epic" than "Anaconda"

 You remember it was a mega hit ad much played song when it dropped i 2014.

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