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Latest from Yabatech: The clarion call

The clarion call

Fraternal greetings to all comrades, cadres, leaders and all stakeholders of YCT.

"What matters most in life is not success but how far we have struggled well" Awolowo 1972.

It is time we speak the heart of mankind that any organization without a leader will go astray.

It time we all come together in accord to set the record straight, let every concerned individuals rise to his/her feet for the reinstatement of the student union Government that has been proscribed for 3years.

We are using this medium to call together all faculty leaders, departmental presidents, class governors and all concerns students for an interactive session in other for us to discuss "NO SUG, NO YCT @ 70"

This is the only chance we have for our voice to be heard
We look forward in seeing each other for a successful deliberation.

Date: 13th of this month
Time: 4pm prompt
Venue: Melb 04 engineering building

Thank you and God bless you all
Aluta continua
Signed: Comrade Ebimomi oluwatobiloba
Director of programmes
NANS JCC Lagos axis.

Cc: YCT NAPS Representatives
Cc: YCT NANS national Representatives
Cc: YCT NANS jcc Representatives
Cc: CDHR representatives.

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