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Day2: Managing Failure #PsychologistOfChange

Most often when things don't go our way, we easily get frustrated. We complain and carry a sad face everywhere till it becomes noticeable. Still in the grieving situation, as a result of uncontrolled emotions, we join the fraternity of the living dead. 

Some would even go as far as blaming another person for what has happened, forgetting that what you get is your result. 

But because the society emphasizes too much on success without telling us how to truly achieve it, we've been trained to view failure as bad. 

For me, failure is the only propeller of success and it is what births necessity, and necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, we become better after we fail. 

Since I joined the NLP gang, I have learnt what to do after ‘failing’, and you should learn them too. 

1. Raise your standards
No matter how you've failed, whenever you decide to raise your standards, you set in motion a cause that will ignite a fire for outstanding success. Don't let anyone ridicule you because you didn't get things right. Raise your standards first and soon failures would be nonexistent. 

2. Change your strategy.
In the first place, you failed because of a wrong strategy. If you want to beat the Barcelona football team I'm certain that you won't use Eyimba's strategy.  If what you're doing is not working, sit down and think, then change your strategy. 

3. Raise your convictions
 I could have said change your beliefs about success but I'm not saying that. When people fail, they inwardly scorn themselves which shouldn't be. If you cannot move from beliefs to convictions that you'd succeed then you might truly not succeed. By all means convince yourself that you're already a success. 

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