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He Said, I Heard (Read)

He said he loves you passionately, the very day he saw you,it was love at first sight,you started talking,late night chats,midnight calls,it was so wonderful ,it looks so real!! He was the imaginary guy,he gave so much attention,his words of affirmation were awesome, his warm hug and beautiful kiss from his soft pink lips..Gosh!! He is so cute....SO YOU THOUGHT...

After  a while ,he requested you come over for a visit,you were scared but you wanted to be with him,he is all you could wish for in a man....he was excited to see you,u ate together, had a wonderful time it was like it should not end,then he touched you so gently,kissed so softly,you could feel the goose bumps, you gave gave him what was priceless to you because he's the right one......SO YOU THOUGHT....

After some days he stopped giving you so much attention,no more care,he's beginning to be aggressive, shouts at every discussions,he is drifting off, he's love is fading, you try to bring him back,its not working ...all of a sudden he became so bossy,now the reality of the "whole perfect RELATIONSHIP was falling apart"

You spoke with his friends, it was a dead end, no one else to run to,your first love, your dream man,you felt he was the best that could ever happen to you......SO YOU THOUGHT.....

It dawned on you that he is not perfect,he is not d dream guy you ever imagined..... The whole feeling ....shattered    

  Agunabu Victoria

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