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How to write Proposal about Creating Content for Radio a Program.(NIGERIA)

Here is how to write basic Proposal about Creating Content for Radio a Program in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

Google is your friend. But before you go to Google, here are the elements to consider before creating a radio programme:

1. What Radio station?
2. What is the demography of listeners?
3. Where is the radio station located?
4. What's the reach?
5. What time will the programme air?
6. Is it a recorded or live programme?
7. What is the show about?
8. What content would be required?
9. What is the duration?
10. Language of presentation?
11. Style: freestyle or scripted?
12. Name of show?
13. Presenter(s)
14. Cost, revenue, logistics... Now with all of the above questions, you can go online and find what you want.

Answered by Alibaba GCFR

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