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Day 12: The Power of A Paradigm Shift #PsychologistOfChange

How did you feel when you notice that there's nothing like ‘Old school’ but ‘Old's cool?’

How did you react the day you discovered that 'i.e' doesn't mean 'that is'  but 'in essence'?

Did you marvel at your knowledge when you read that it is not ‘ayamatanga’ but ‘I am at anger?’

If you didn't, I did. I was just surprised the day I discovered all of these but amazingly I changed my views immediately.  That is the power of a paradigm shift.

A paradigm (not paradigim) is a model, and a model is a representation of something. For humans, our paradigm, model or map is what determines the reality we see or is a representation of reality.
Hence, the map (our perception of reality) is not the territory (reality).

For instance, two people might see something and give a different report. But whatever report they give is based on how they see reality not reality itself. This explains why  where we stand depends on where we sit.

You may have attended many seminars where you were told to ‘never give up. Work hard’ etc but if you fail to deal with the real problem, which often is how you see a problem, nothing would work. For instance, no matter how you develop a positive attitude, given the wrong map, you'll only get to the wrong direction faster.

You might not have achieved all of your goals because you have the wrong map about success but you can correct that map to make the best of next year.

Through the admission of ignorance which is the first step in our education, we can easily correct out maps by starting through an inside out approach. We all need a new level of thinking to create the kind of life we want for ourselves. And such can only happen from inside out.

My point?
Change how you see things.

The power of a paradigm shift is the essential power of quantum change.

By changing how you see things, the things you see change, and success becomes easy to get.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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