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Day13: The Power of A Paradigm Shift {2} (How to get an Amazing 2018)

Success is a complicated subject. It means positive and wonderful things.

For jambites, it means gaining admission to their desired universities to study their dream course.

For teachers, it means having students who would always stand out.

But for the most part, we all know that every behaviour has a positive intent, so what we do is aimed at what we call 'success'.

Still under our paradigm shifting experience, let's re-calibrate or redefine our views about success.

Success is not just gaining admission. It is for beyond having excellent students.

Success is not really about wealth, fame or degrees.

True success is not tied to external things; that's why you should not label yourself based on external titles, association and things.

Success is not just the stupendous outward degree of excellence we see. True success starts from within. It is an inside-out thing. It focuses on the improvement of the self.

Instead of striving to get more done all the time, why not try to improve yourself? Why not try to live more? Why not try to work more on your private life so your public life would match your core beliefs?

If you want an amazing 2018, you must start redefining what true success is now. Consider what will matter most on your death bed.

You might think you didn't really achieve as you should this year, but most times you think this way because you wanted to only get more. For me, my inside-out journey towards real success started when I eliminated the competition spirit. Until then, I saw life as a battlefield where the mantra was ‘eat others or be eaten’ and ‘life is a survival of the fittest.’

But when I learnt that success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potentials and sowing seeds that benefits others, I changed almost immediately.

Spend some time today to ask yourself some real questions:
Ask yourself, Will this matter in five years?
Am I really loving and living my life or am I merely striving to live for the society?
Am I really doing what I want to do?

Spend some time today. In the end, you'd get that specific thing you should be doing, then you get up and run!

I am Emmanuel Uti

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