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Day14: The Power of A Paradigm Shift {3} #PsychologistOfChange

Two people saw a figure from two different angle. While one called the figure “six”, the other called it “nine”.  You know what happened next. The person who called the figure six felt like the other person had a problem and vice versa. This same thing happens to us but we forget that people tend to see things through the unique lens of experience.

Sometimes we would need to forgo our so called objective point of view to listen to others subjective view to get to where we're going.

Don't be like some people. I've heard some people say ‘I can't read self helps; how on earth will someone tell me how to think?’

People like this don't consciously know that men are mosaics of other men, and it is the same heart that beats in every heart. If they do, they'll understand that we all need one another to get to where we're going as no one can be entirely successful without the help of others.

All I'm saying today is simple. You need to listen to others on your path towards success.

When people criticize you harshly, you're getting the best of sincere feedback and that makes you know what to do. This happens when you can listen. Don't listen with the intent of replying but with the mindset of understanding. If you want to be successful faster, you must be willing listen. Don't just listen to the good comments, but listen to the other ones.

I'm not saying that you subject your life to what others say, but I'm saying you need them. You need their advice and constructive criticism. You might even want to consider a mentor or a private coach.

My point?
Listen to others but decide what to do!

I am Emmanuel Uti

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