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Day15: The Power of a Paradigm shift {4} #PsychologistOfChange

There are principles that govern human effectiveness. To a very great extent, we know them but to apply them becomes a problem for some. All successful people live according to these principles.

We all know the greatest of them, the iron law of the universe; the law of cause and effect. We know the other popular one, the law of attraction, but just knowing is not enough, we must apply what we know through another principle - the principle of positioning.

The law of positioning says that when you conditioning yourself to stay at a certain angle where you use all your power, success becomes easy for you to have.

These laws are natural laws created by God.  It is impossible to break them, we can only break ourselves against them.

These principles are enduring because they're self evident and are the basis of lasting happiness.
If you want to be super successful from the inside out, search for these principles and work. Things would change.

If you want a change in your relationships for instance, the problem is not with others, it is how you see them. You may unconsciously not have their best interest at heart. But if you decide to love them and practice the law of advanced forgiveness, with time everyone would call you a saint.

Find these principles and work them. Honestly 2018 will be stupendous.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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