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Day16: Outwitting The Devil #PsychologistOfChange

What if....?

You see that title above with what if? Na the real devil be that.

It has supported fear and mingled with uncertainty to kill more dreams than poverty.

The moment you just use those words, the devil will just snatch your dreams and make you blind to opportunities.

Now you need to outwit the devil. You will outwit the devil by using the twin brother of  'what if?' -which is ‘As if.’

In fact, instead of asking yourself self-limiting questions like “What if I fail?  What if things don't go well?” Why not start acting as if you won't fail?

Start acting like a success. Act the way you want to feel. Act like things are working out well for you.

Don't just sit back and feel like things won't turn out fine. Just act as if your story is a success and it will turn out fine.

My point? Very simple! Act the way you want to feel and start acting like all your prayers have been answered.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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