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Day6: Making Remarkable Trade-offs #PsychologistOfChange*

I once heard that men are willing to change their circumstances but are not willing to change their behaviour, and I've come to agree that this saying is true.

Most times we cry out loud, pray harder and work smarter and yet still do not get what we want because our lifestyle does not match the dreams we want or what we request. Instead of sitting down to discover our life patterns, as a result of frustration, we call this constant failure and inability to achieve our goals a generational curse.

In reality, most of what people label as a generational curse are just habitual patterns that they've noticed but are not willing to break away from.

As 2018 is fast approaching, if you're ready to achieve all your goals, you've got to do one simple thing - you've got to change.

To get that goal requires a better version of you and you can be better. In NLP terms it is called behavioural flexibility; and as a rule, the most flexible person within a system influences the entire system. So if you're set for a stupendous 2018, beginning from the time you receive this message, start trading off some things - 

- Decide the habits you're trading off for the success that lies ahead.
- Decide on what you're going to trade off and raise your standards.
- The day you raise your standards you become a new person so raise it.

I learnt that we must give up to go up and that means we're giving up on things we like but are not really important. Like Zubi O'Peters said days ago, “Do the important and not the urgent” but I'm adding that you love the important and disregard the rest.

So my friend, what are you willing to give up?
What are you willing to change about yourself?
What have you decided to trade off?

Remember if you want to start something new, you must be willing to get out of something old; and if you want a change, make a change.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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