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Day8: The Pathway to Success #PsychologistOfChange

Consider this old man who couldn't catch a single fish for ninety days. He was scorned and castigated by other fishermen but he didn't loose his temper. The day he decided to sail on his boat around a big river close to his town, the miraculous happened.

After toiling all day, he couldn't catch any single fish.

This time, the frequent verbal abuse that everyone says to him became more real to him. To his surprise, he saw something bigger than an average fish he was used to seeing. This time he saw a marlin. The fish was so big that it appeared impossible to get it.

Long story short, he killed it but on getting back to his village, he came with the bone because sharks had already eaten the fish. When other fishermen saw the gigantic bone of the marlin, they wondered at his bravery for catching such a fish, and Santiago was named the best of all time by his mockers.

For Santiago, just one thing was important; the desire to become successful in spite of his fears was very important to him that he could do anything. He wanted success that hard and he got it in the end.

Until you want success as much as you want to breathe, you may never get success. Things come to those that wait but what comes to those that wait are the leftovers of what those that hustle have taken.

Success won't come to you, you've got to go for it. Success doesn't just happen by wishing, you must take massive and determined action to bring your wishes to reality.

If, as a human, you're placed in a room with a dog and you're to fight till death; trust me, you'll do the unthinkable. That is the way you should see life, and that is the way power is acquired.

When you live like you do not have any option than to be successful, you'll end up truly successful.

My point? Determine to be successful and take massive and determined action.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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