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Day 22: Re-Defining Your Life #PsychologistOfChange

Many people are taking a course towards death unbeknownst to them. They live their life by assuming all the time. They always suppose about things.

No matter what you think, assumption will kill you faster than procrastination if you don't care.

Assumption is the mother of unending frustrations. Instead of assuming, why not define your life?

This same assumption is the reason we generalize. And due to this, many of our deep rooted beliefs are distorted, false reality. We often treat them like they're the gospel forgetting that our beliefs are mere interpretations.

The easiest way we can change these limiting generalizations and assumptions emanating from our beliefs is to define our life.

The subconscious mind works in a mysterious way. If you do not consciously decide what to believe in, your subconscious mind just picks anything up. You know what? It'll taunt you. You might even think you're oppressed by the devil or possessed by him.

Imagine you had a conflicting belief impeding your growth, will you succeed with that belief?
They're all generalizations you should do away with and that's why you should define your life.

Define what you're going to believe in. What you're going to do, and you'll eliminate those negative beliefs.

I'm certain if you take your pen and paper, defining what you stand for, what you believe in and what your core principles are, those limiting thoughts would reduce with time.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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