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Day 23: Hot Buttons [1]

We all believe temperament influences everything we do. But I'm still finding it hard to believe that my being a sanguine influences everything I do. I love how Goleman puts in Emotional Intelligence. In his words, “Temperament is not destiny.”

There is a subconscious drive, or an unseen force in every person that makes them act the way they do. If I decide to compromise my faith for a contract, I'm certain you won't say it's because of my temperament. Many sanguines won't do that if they were properly taught the mystery in their religion.

While our temperament, to an extent, sets the pace for our actions, it doesn't determine what we do.
What determines all the actions we take is internalized form of our deep rooted beliefs - values.

Values are your hot buttons; your conscious motivator and demotivator, and so you act because of them. Even in your journey towards success, your values mean a lot because the roles it plays are important. 

To be successful and fulfilled, you must tie your life to certain values that are in alignment with your deep rooted beliefs. 

As important as defining your beliefs is, defining your values is something you shouldn't joke with. Your values help you clarify your goals and simplify your life, helping you act in ways that make you happy. But when values are not defined, pain is what you get. Whether or not you are a person of integrity, it still boils down to your clearly defined values.

If you don't want to sabotage your success in 2018, define your values.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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