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Day 26: Transformation Through Trance Formation

What makes the difference between a mere man and a super man? Why are super stars different from ordinary people?

After a careful and objective study of super stars, Charles Garfield, author of Secrets of Peak Performance, came to a conclusion; part of which I believe is also responsible for both success and failure.

He concluded that the only thing that makes a super star different from an average person is visualization - the art of daydreaming your way to your desired reality.

According to him, successful people always see themselves achieve victories even before they start anything. They see themselves awarded even before they start the journey.

Amazingly, everyone visualizes but not consciously. Negative circumstances like the loss of a job even makes us visualize. The result? Frustration!

Visualization is the simple art of seeing what you want. Then when you see it, you go for it.

This explains why a speaker said “it is important to build your empire first in the sky (visualization), then you add hard work and action to bring your imagination to reality.”

To be successful, you've got to see where you will be. You've got to see what you want. Picture it. Don't just think of your goals, think from them!

What do you see? What have you been seeing?

I am Emmanuel Uti

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