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#Day17: Begin With The End In Mind #PsychologistOfChange

On October 1, 2060, Nigeria will celebrate her one hundred years independence anniversary. Where will you be that day?Where will you be in five, ten or even fifty years?

As a person, have you ever pictured your future, seeing it from the end?

When you die, what one sentence or word will people use to summarize your entire life?

For me, I've even picture my fifty years wedding anniversary. I've even seen the day I'll be made a SAN.

I've even seen how great my contribution is to the reformation of the country. And I'll continue to see.
If anything I do will take me away from these dreams, I'll immediately stop it without thinking twice because I cannot joke with my future.

What do you see? God told Abraham ‘as far as your eyes can see unto you and your children will I give this land.’

What do you see? What do you envision? How is your life going to turn out?

I'm certain if you answer these questions, those small foxes that spoil the vine but appears as success, you'll do away with them.

Success is not success if it cannot stand the test of time.

Use your right brain now. Think the future. A future without worries begins today.

Next year, where will you be spiritually, financially, emotionally, academically and even in your relationships?

The answer is up to you!


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