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#Day18: Begin With The End In Mind {2} #PsychologistOfChange

Isn't it amazing that everyone begins with the end in mind? Before travelling, don't you determine your destination? Well, if you followed through with what I wrote in Day 17, you'd understand that only those who begin with the end in mind end up great.

To begin with the end in mind is to simply picture the way your life will end and then use the image you see as a criterion or frame of reference to judge every step you take.

To begin with the end in mind means to know where you're going to so that any place does not become your destination.

To begin with the end in mind is to be purposeful so that you don't get caught up in the affairs of life.

Beginning with the end in mind will not make you look like others. It will distinguish you.

In a world where a stupendous degree of external success is all that matters, knowing how things will end makes you stand out, effective and fulfilled. You won't pursue success at the expense of other important relationships. It will even help your success not to lean on the wrong ladder. But for those who don't begin with the end in mind, I'm very certain that at best, they'd achieve empty victories, only to realize that they never lived.

You won't just want to do anything if you begin with the end in mind, you'll be focused. You won't just want to be successful, you will strive to be a blessing. I guess this is why Zubi O'Peters said  too many people are failures because all they've got is success. And to improve your effectiveness, beginning with the end in mind moves you from efficiency to effectiveness. For those that are without, they become lazy by constantly being busy only to realize that no one is too busy, just a matter of priorities.

If you truly begin with how your life is going to end, and you make that image your criteria for judging your life, like Jesus, when you're about to die, you'll say ‘it is finished.’

I am Emmanuel Uti

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