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Day24: Hot Button {2}

As a person, I've noticed that people experience fulfillment when they live by values. But I also know that when values are not clarified, pain is inevitable. So how do you define your values?

Decide what is important to you.

If you're supposed to be in the church but you're elsewhere, how you feel is a clue to knowing your value. If you're not concerned, then you're saying your value puts pleasure before spirituality and vice versa.  If true success is important to you, you might want to consider living peacefully with integrity as your core value. But whatever you consider important helps you define your values.

Begin with the end in mind

People will summarize your life in a statement. If you want a happy ending, or a life that continues to bless others, you may likely take empathy as a value.

Thinking of how things would end will even help you decide the most important things along other important things.

However, irrespective of defined, your value must be tied to these areas of your life: spiritual, health, relationship, time and finance.

But just defining our values is not enough, we must live them. If we just come up with values such as empathy or temperance and still don't live them, we then become fake like those companies with great mission statement but who don't live it.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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