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Day29: Be Phenomenal!

When you do the same thing with other people, be freaking phenomenal!

When you're placed with others on the same scale, be freaking phenomenal!

When you're working for someone else, be freaking phenomenal!

When doing anything that is worth doing, be freaking phenomenal!

When others are outstanding, stand out! Be freaking phenomenal!

Make a mark that cannot be erased. Strive to make a difference.

Be impeccable.

Live with an unmistakable air of authority, and live to the fullest.

To be freaking phenomenal doesn't mean your aim is to beat others, it means beating your personal best every time.

To be freaking phenomenal doesn't mean to copy others, it means making what others have done, better.

To be freaking phenomenal doesn't mean to achieve, it means creating a standard!

If you are a sweeper, you should sweep the streets the same way Da Vinci painted.

If you are a factory worker, work more than you're paid for, and in no time, you'd be recognized.

No matter what you do, behave like you're serving The Lord.

Whatever your hand finds to do while you're  alive, do it well.

I learnt that whoever does his best in his own time has done his best for all time.

No matter what you do, give it your best. If it's worth doing, do it with all diligence. Do it with your might and strength.

Let's follow Nike's advice and “Just do it!”

Success comes when you're ready to give your all; when you're not ready to accept anything less.

If you want success, be willing to give it all.

I am Emmanuel Uti

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