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Dj Vickiss explain the essence of Disc Jockey and Ballers in the Music Industry along side other celebrities.

 You know ballaz are the people that will make you feel important in your career. They help and encourage you financially. They appreciate you making them happy. 

Top Lagos Dj based on Lagos Island, Dj Vickiss in a close interview explains the essence of Disc Jockey and Ballers in the Nigerian Music Industry along side top celebrities like Sheliroy, Dj Sidez and international hypeman Katoon, who is based in Egypt. 

As the Nigerian Music industry grows daily, especially now that street music has taken over, much attention must be given to this sector as major cash flow is about to circulate.

Prior to this 'blow', a certain set of people (I refuse to mention names) known as ballers where the major source of income for most of these artists and even now they grow stronger and more influential as a good number of them get their names sung in songs these days. So Gbetu thought its high time we pry into them a bit.

Dj Vickiss have been a Dj for over 10years and his love for music have no comprehension. He has played in places like "Club Cubacubernal" inside Pelican hotel (Lekki), "Club Askamaya (Lekki), "Club Mirage (Lekki), Legacy club and many others, though he started playing officially in 2009.

According to him, "It is a way to express and release emotions. I love music because it carries message that is relative to real life situations and I love seeing people happy, so I'm always over happy whenever am playing and people rejoicing.

He says the keys things that make a dj are basically the brain and fingers.

"A Dj most know music more than the crowd. You must know which song to play at a particular time or in any event. I use to tell people that it's not an easy thing to be a Dj. You brain must be working everything minutes. I do tell my boys that as a dj you must not enjoy the song more than your crowd so that you won't be too carried away to remember the next song to play. Your brain must work very fast.. Asian fast!

Dj Vickiss also believes the music industry has gotten wider then planned, he gives more recognition to street music and believes Nigerian music is the best.

He says, "Nigeria music is the best as far as I'm concerned. I love Nigeria songs. I play both  local and foreign songs especially when I'm playing in club, I love it more on foreign but I feel more comfortable playing and listening to our songs here. Lots of foreign artists now want to feature in our artist songs, that shows that our music style is the best. Big up to Wizkid and Davido and the rest of the artists like 2code, olumix, Jumabee, olamide, Reminisce, Ocean,2baba, Kiss Daniel lots and lots of good artist in Nigeria that are really making us proud. They're really making us proud. Oh street, I love the street. I was born and brought up in the street. Street is my name lol. Street music is the best  hahaha awon omo Shakur shaku, awon omo sheteri. You know one thing I love about street music is that it gives you this kind of inside vibes, personal orientation and some kind of imagination. Awon omo science student lol. Olamide though. You know street is street there is nothing else to call it. We are street and we belong to the street.  Let me end it by saying STREET MUSIC GIVE ME EXTRA JOY.

On this joy, i asked him the most crucial question, the importance of ballers to music business.
"So so much important bro.. You know ballaz are the people that will make you feel important in your career. They help and encourage you financially. They appreciate you making them happy. Ballaz, I am a baller too lol.. I ball, I encourage people and help people especially artists in my own power. You know the best time you enjoy music is when you ball, when you are h*gh. Shout to my ballers out there.. I can't begin to mention names

Well thats where the disagrement started, Dj Sides of Oshozondi, thinks lesser of these ballers and the artist relationship with them.

He says "Some of these ballers are just a fans that like to support good music and sometimes its base on connectivity, mostly they like supporting songs that their name were hype in and some artist are doing it due to the money they earn through them.

Sheliroy, also know as the Living Dragon, Shumpey Coroner, takes it abit to the normal angle, he sees ballers as side attractions to help grow your brand.

"BALLERS", the vernacular slang, referring to someone who has swags and lives an extravagant lifestyle, as far as I know, and following that, I guess they are useful in attracting audiences (the people) to get involved in whatever you are presenting or representing. They are just other side attractions to help grow your brand in the music industry (Awareness).

He concluded by saying, "Dem be there, for awareness. Notice me notice me. Helpful too most times.

Alas! His answer was immediately given a counter reply, by international hypeman Katoon. As a hypeman, Katoon believes ballers are necessary, that they are the main vault in clubs.

"I disagree , no one consumes drink like they are. He is saying that because he’s an artist and not a club owner."

"Sure they are! Obviously they are the main vault. They over spend which is what all clubs and shows pray for," he concluded.

"A person that makes shit happen. Without additional context, "baller" typically is assumed to imply demonstrated ability in generating prodigious amounts of cash money, and/or a proficiency with creating frequent and mind-blowing sexual opportunities (note the non-gender specific reference, implying that ballers can be men or women, gay or straight -- it is a matter of perspective)."

"In modern usage, baller does not refer to sports ability -- although the term is likely to have originated with basketball. Still, the reference to "game" is important to the definition of a baller. A baller must have game. A mad baller must have mad game. (Here, game is referenced according to the current definition (which pretty can mean pretty much anything, but generally refers to business, social relationships, or desired activities in general)". - Source - Urban Dictionary.

I guess that's all i have for now, you can continue the conversation be commenting below.

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