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Nigerian Youth speaks with anger as Atiku becomes PDP flag bearer.

Following the movement of the former vice president of Nigeria under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, Atiku Abubakar and making him their flag bearer, Nigerian youths have taken to social media to share their disgust and disbelief of the movement.

This has created the massive loss of vital members in the Pepole's Democratic Party.

One of the statement made by an angry youth sums it up.

Read below:

wat a dumb movement.... i will rather support a movement for a military rule dan to vote for d same selfish fools all over again.....  a pig disappointed me i voted for a monkey..... wats d difference.... i kuku knw dat whether i vote or not APC will win again.... infact dey ar beta.... its beta 2 vote for a dead buhari dan a loving Atiku who will fight for d interest of his fellow selfish pple.... he is not even stable, highly indecisive.... changing party twice in 6yrs for his selfish interest.... He cant even win over d North..... Naija nids a system based on truth nd stability void of politicians more of youthful leaders wit a goal for d betterment of my nation nd not myself only....... wen nid patroits who ar confident enof 2 fight for dier ryts nd not pushed around by politicians..... PDP nd APC ar jst like at telemundo nd televista.... wats d difference

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