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Press Release: Husband of Nollywood Actress, Mandy Eze, wanted for Defrauding friend with 500k

Husband of Nollywood Actress, Mandy Eze, has been declared wanted for allegedly defrauding his friend Ambrus for the sum of 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira).

According to Ambros, Prince Kenneth Iyke came to him for financial assistance in May 2017, after pleading for hours he agreed to lend him the sum of 500,000naira which was immediately transferred via his P.A's Diamond Bank account - Anyawu Cordelia Ihematulam. Pope on  May 12, 2017. Paying back the money which is needed by the complainant urgently is now the problem.

According to the victim, after so many non-fruitful approach and begging was used, a fair warning was sent to Mr Eze on the 13th of January, 2018 as stated below but he bluntly refuse to respond. Read below:

Hey Bro, when I lend you this money, I had good intention but its obvious you had the contrary.
This photos shows you have a good home but I just have to take drastic actions against you if you don't pay me immediately or come to a very reasonable term.
So here, if you don't pay me in few days or even respond to this at all, I will publish this photo along with proof as a press release for a FRAUDSTER TO WATCHOUT FOR IN 2018.
I mean, you are a big man, you needn't see this as a threat but this is one of the ways I can have peace of mind loosing 500 thousand naira to a friend.

Continuous effort is been initiated to reach Mr Iyke has proven abortive.

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