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Unilorin Students complain for increase in transportation.

Due to scarcity of fuel nation wide and at Kwara state, there have been an increase of nearly everything that one way or the other benefit from fuel, to this end the Student Union Goverment of University of Ilorin have increased the transport fair from 50naira to 70naira.

This has caused a joint disagreement by student who on first ground have taken to social media protesting.

Below is a clear summary of their disgust.

it is with great pain to announce to our president that our transportation fare to school that was increased to 70naira is alarming, we do not understand what we are paying for, because in filling stations the fuel price did not increase. So if we are to interpreted our payment we will like to say we are paying for the stress they went through at the filling station. A simple question if they are not plying unilorin PS won't they queue for fuel, the normal fare within town has not changed and just tipa garrage to PS is 70 Naira, it's even more painful to announce that students who trek all the way from tipa garage to the school gate still end up paying 70. How alarming! another question, is it not the president's duty to see to the affairs of the students. We will like to say for your information not all of us are from well to do families that we have cars of our own.
Please as the president we will like you to look into this situation because we will not like to watch the benchmark of our fare change to 70naira all the way from 40naira to 50naira. We can't continue to pay for their stress at the filling station which is actually supposed to be, if cabs in town did not change price.
We plead with the president again to look into this issue

This increase only affects student going from Oke-Odo into the school, therefore, over a week now, Unilorin students have been trekking Better By Far, in and out of the school due to no vehicle.

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