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We don't have to wait till one messiah or a god falls from heaven to rule - Phoenix Obarapper laments

Phoenix Oba rapper laments on a straight article discouraging laziness and unnecessary blame on God, as he unveils his personal label and team called the "TEAMAGAS".

Read below:

"I think its time we start to talk sense into our heads by our-self , we don't have to wait till one messiah or a god falls from heaven to rule or lead us , be the messiah of yourself , take charge of your life and personalities by yourself, then u can proceed to be the messiah of your house hold, then the messiah of your entire community and so on....  But no, all I see is fake people living fake life, come on! 

I don't understand, if people are deceiving you do you have to still deceive urself ?, now you come on instagram post nice pictures with the cloth you probably borrowed or bought with ur school fees or handout money.. wearing a beautiful smile all over ur face, but then in reality u live in a single room in a face me i slap you apartment and u are probably three living in the same room... 

Now I know at that stage of things you need help or support or something to turn things around, then u go to church begging God for connection but later things are still the same now u turn back to blame God or ur village witches, my bro/sis i tell u. u are the problem of urself because God already placed someone around you on one corner to help you but each time the person checks u up the whole thing seems fine from the outside and the fake side of u is all over the places then the helper then turns back with his blessings believing u are okay by urself and so he/she is of no use.

See no1 problem upgraded,... then you continued always blaming someone but you never sit back to actually evaluate urself and point out where u have done things the wrong way, even the bible says 'do not think of urself more than u are supposed to'.. okay at this junction you have a lot of standard to keep up with in the society people are looking up to the u on ur social media and everywhere , then u find alternative start 'runs, do rituals, and so much more atrocities sets in, and one rule of the jungle is 'its either u kill or u are killed but then u need to survive, then u start doing things destroying other people life causing more generation to loose faith, then this act spreads from one family to the other and then to the whole country ,, and we still blame the governments for our misdeeds.

Remember 'IF THE FOUNDATION IS FAULTY WHAT SHALL THE RIGHTEOUS  DO.' please i beg you change your ways rethink it through.. 2018 make a change for better ............       

         #TEAMAGAS ... #teamagascares

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