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Talee of Egypt – What’s the essence of Modeling in Business?

Talee of Egypt – What’s the essence of Modeling in Business?

“Being a model makes feel like a super star”

With top and fast rising models like Papa 9ja, Angel Ehiz, Sarah Jatto, Ololade Aduni, the Kardashians and many more doing very well in the Modeling Industry, many will think the business in it is so fabulous. The competiton alone is something to write about. With hundereds of youths venturing in to this industry daily, people will feel KOJ is saying the complete truth.

So during the week I caught up with with this fast-rising 23years old beautiful-model from South Sudan, Egypt named Talee.

Going through the photos of this professional model in a hot country I got thinking how they cope – the auditions, runways, rejections, lies, and so on, I mean all these also happens in Nigeria so I know. But then I tried comparing the business part of it and glamorous part of this venture, or what can I call it.

The interesting thing about modeling is that, the individual is the company, no matter how many deals, he or she keep trying to hit better deal – the business; in various occasion they get to take shots and then there is who gives, gets or brings out the best shots.

Business wise, I believe Spice Tv can do better by not just emphasizing just the glamour of modeling but also the business – most fresh models these days believe it’s just about getting a photo album.

Even with Talee’s professional exposure in this juicy industry working with reputable Egyptian fashion house like - Fashion Rebulic, Vogue agency, Catwalk Academy or Face to Face and Abdraboh's design house, she still has a business that keeps her going - African hair braids

Talee says “Being a model makes me feel like a super star”. Ow! That’s the fun of it and must be enjoyed. I mean, who will not want to have fun in front of flashes from multiple “sexy cameras”.

The point of this article, is to let aspiring models and those who are already into it to figure the business part of this course. Making your body glow, looks sexy, appealing and so on can be easy but making the professionals pay for it is another task entirely, plus making “money” come for it. It took Talee two complete years of consistency to become a Pro-model, it could take longer for some but result of deeds is usually the main gist in modeling.

Don’t just take photos.

Talee’s Advice to Aspiring and Current Models
My Advice is..... modeling is not an easy job as most people think, it’s only the good looking pics, its actually how passionate you want something and do your best with patients to achieve it !!! The last thing is.... the better thing to do is join an agency as you are starting the career, because if you are qualified enough you might get where you want to be, it's all about step by step ,but just used the right stairs.

Going through Talee’s chat, I was able to create pointer for our dear models.

Talee 5 Pointers for Starting Models
-         -  Join an Agency
-         -  Don’t just rely on photos
-         -  Be Patient
-          - Learn to take steps
-          - You must have passion for modeling

Talee hopes to grow as big as she can in this industry and work with the international brands worldwide.

Enjoy more phtos of her below.


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