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The Dino Melaye Foundation

The Dino Melaye Foundation

Yes, that’s a very familiar name but not a friendly one to the Nigerian society. This name has nothing controversies around it as it became popular but alas it has been included in our “Youth Rhyme”.

In Nursery School, we only sang rhymes that will help us become better people in the future, not about the contrary. We sang to actual roles in such rhymes and they are expected to carve us into becoming better than our ancestors or predecessors but the contrary is this “slow” song by Afro trap star, Kach, titled Dino, hailing ‘a man of the family’.
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Sometimes I really wonder who the people behind the (Nigerian) National Broadcasting Commission (NBC ) are! I really wonder what they look like, what they think and if they are working for the people or working for the people like the government.

It took a lot of videos and cries before “Science Student” was banned but that shouldn’t have been the case, that song should have gone down even before it went viral, infact if the NBC was really active, Olamide would have given a “first thought” not to record such song. But no, he was even hailed and praised when given the avenue to defend the song, where he said the song is ment to help children and youth stay away from drugs. Smh!

If the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission was so active, someone like Kach would think twice before releasing another nonsense single; he even went further to feature the “black” in the said video. I guess its all about sharing the money?

I thought all the above shouldn’t be my concern until I woke up to three groups, created by my colleagues and fellow youths to campaign for A A and they call it the “Articulate”, camouflaging and stealing our own cry word “Articulated (Nigerian Students)”. I cried! I was so so angry that I couldn’t say anything but just observe this ‘intelligent-stupid-channel-of-suffering about to start a four years course. Then I wonder if it’s just the hunger or there is a generational voodoo involved in Nigerian Politics. The Nigerian Youths are usually the first to nag, complain, suffer and beg still they are also the first set of people to sell the only power they have. I cry.

‘This foundation still remains the best because it has maintained over 20years of proper Youth Punishment and trust me they never see it coming when its time for election due to respect.

This is me being brief…

Dear Nigerian Youths, keep subscribing to the Dino Melaye Foundation so your Children can be like you or worst.

Your Uncle.

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