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Calabar born singer "Envy Mz-Elite" changes name to "Envy Queennifa"

This is an official press release as regards the change name by the famous Calabar born singer Envy Mz-Elite. 

The singer in an exclusive interview with the press made it known that ENVY is now a project on its own which means Ethics, Norms, Values and You.

The singer further explained that she wants to cover more inspirational aspect of music and as such won't want people interpreting Envy as the dictionary meaning connotes. She says she's Royalty and as such chose the name Queen which she combined with her birth name Jennifer and coined the name QUEENNIFA.

She urges her fans to stay true to their vision and never be afraid to make changes where the need arises.

Envy Queennifa is presently working on her official inspirational single titled “IMA-OBONG”. She promise to deliver more life -changing songs. 

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