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Moyo Lawal, Ubi Franklin, Laura Ikeji and Solomon Batini storm #KMMInitiative with brains.

From left - Ubi Franklin, Moyo Lawal & Solomon Batini at #kmminitiative 2018
It was a memorable day for Nigerian ladies as Moyo Lawal,  Ubi Franklin, Laura Ikeji and Solomon Batini storm #KMMInitiative with brains on Saturday, 21st April, 2018 at Slay Karaoke House, Lekki.

The event Keina, Moyo and Mimi Initiative other wise known as the #KMMInitiative is a program smartly put together to support Nigerian women in Entrepreneurship.

The event was opened by Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal with striking question, "Is the customer always right" brought around women in Fashion designing, makeup artists, bloggers, caterers and so on.

Moyo further explained that customers complaint should be appreciated  because it helps a brand grow better, it also helps a brand to develop new and better business ideas/strategies.

To buttress her facts, she teased the ladies and women with the "where is my dress" crises normally faced by tailors. Her answer to this after so many attempt is "Give them something they like or something similar".

She was shortly followed up by Nigerian
Entertainer, Professional Entrepreneur and Celebrity Fashion Designer,  Seyi  Aladelokun who narrated how she started business in 2005 with just N40,000.

Solomon Batini, a Social Media expert later spoke about the essence of social media in entrepreneurship, he talked about LEADS when using  Instagram and Facebook. He says "Leads are customers who you always follow up".

He spoke further advising the ladies not sell directly to their customer when posting on social media , it can be boring, instead educate them and end it smartly with an "I can help you do it" sentence.

To buttress, he talked about - 
1. Cross Pollination in Social Media - a collaboration with another business entirely, the symbiotic usage of platforms, also tagging of one another.

2. Hash Tags - Instagram allows 30 hash tags, so using less like two dosen't do it, also use relevant hash tags - hash tags can otherwise be called navigation map in social media.

3. Like and Comment on other people's post - make constructive comments not comments that makes it obvious you want followers and attention.

4. Progress Documentation: document the progress of your work on Social media  - which went wrong and which went right and how you did either, for improvement or correction.

Mr Batini was later supported by Ubi Franklin who immediately shot with "Try not to deny yourself somethings now that will make you sad later; make sure you achieve something daily or weekly."

Mr Franklin compared entrepreneurship or business to a pregnant woman who takes in, carries for 9month, gives birth and nortures the baby till "it" can walk, even after that you don't leave or abandoned "it", it's like a life time thing but the better or bigger it is, the more relaxed you become.

'Just like a pregnant woman has no shame, so should an entrepreneur. Point - do not floss or spend on irrelevance'.

He concluded by saying, "build a structure around your business in a way that no matter what happens, the business still stands."

For example, a pregnant woman who is a tailor abandons her business because she doesn't want to disappoint her customers, she came back after 9months only to discover all her customers are gone.

Solution : she should have employed other tailors to help take over until she can return fully.

Then came the goddess of Nigerian social media, Laura Ikeji, who currently has a viral book titled "How To Make Money On Instagram" with six tricks to be a successful business person or entrepreneur.

Laura Ikeji's 6 Tricks of becoming a successful Entrepreneur -
1. Having a mentor - must be successful and be in your field.

2. Mind your business - don't talk about things that are not necessary, it's a time wasting factor.

3. Post as many pictures of your business as possible and sensible.

4. See yourself as the most successful person alive.

5. Accept your failure - "failure is the best thing that can happen to anybody" .

6. Be passionate - because when you fail, it's easy for you to stand for your passion.

In conclusion, as said by Ubi as an entrepreneur you should expect bad days but try as much as possible to avoid it.

Fifty thousand Naira was given to 7 people while a sewing 
Enjoy photos below.

Seyi  Aladelokun, Moyo Lawal & Laura Ikeji with participants at the #KMMInitiative held at Lekki

Temi Badmus, Moyo Lawal and other beneficiaries at the #KMMInitiative

Fadaka Louis & Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal and Laura Ikeji 
Winners of Laura Ikeji's How To Make Money on Instagram book. 

Ps: KMM is an initiative of Seyi Katherine, C. E. O House of Keina Fashion; Nollywood Actress, Moyo Lawal and Nollywood Actress, Mimi Orjiekwe.

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