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Sari Oyegun Summarizes the "Lazy Nigerian Youths" professionally

Sari Oyegun has taken time to summarize the popular quotation in Nigeria - Lazy Nigerian Youths,  from  a professional angle. 

Read her long comment below. 

"Whilst I stand the risk of being a Buhari apologist, I think his remark is being blown out of all proportion.

I have sat to think about this and I find plenty of truth in the statement. I work in the private sector so I should know.

I have grown men and women with children who cannot write letters without multiple spelling and other errors which I have to spend time to correct with valuable time I could be using to plan strategy. Instead I become an editor.

There is a lot of complacency in the youth but some of it is complacency out of ignorance, folks just do not know any better. Someone is eating at Sheraton and spits out fish bone on the floor? haba inside Sheraton ke?

The second reason is mediocrity. We have come to accept that we do not have to try harder, or work to improve. A perfect example is the difference between NTA and Channels. NTA is clapping for themselves for being the largest network in Africa but what is that worth when your newcasters cannot pronounce their fellow Nigerians names or where there is always faulty audio or video in each and every new program. Should they not have learned how to produce flawless news programs after 40years? Forget CNN and BBC, just see the quality Channels has developed in just over 10years. This is because they work to continuously better themselves because the know there are better standards and they are not there yet.

If we tell ourselves the truth PMB has a point but he cannot absolve the complicity of Government in the situation. If the Government and people cared enough to have a proper education system, we would not be in this mess!

As the proverb goes...every time you point a finger in scorn—there are three remaining fingers pointing right back."

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