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Temi Badmus shares Freebies as Gimmehear Blog clocks 3years

I didn't know I have come this far. Wow! Three years is a whole lot of year in my blogging career. I remembered staying up late in my second semester  hundred level, I was trying to write articles: then I used to own a blogspot and it was named "everyone deserves  to be heard". 

 I wrote lots of articles, submitted them to places like churches, and online stores. Along the line I met this guy called Babatunde Adegoke who is my boss today (You know some people who are practicing some form of media I don't understand in unilorin always felt I don't have a boss)  don't be surprised I do have a boss, he was interested in what I do, the fact that I'm a lady and I love to blog. He bought a domain name for me with his Money,  I remembered he called me 23rd of April 2015,   I met with him at engineering lecture theatre and he bought the domain and did everything for me that day. 

Afterwards, I have met people who are interested in what I do, especially the fact that I advertise talents for free. Some of them felt it was too much while some of them took advantage of it.

Also I have met a lot of annoying people, a typical example is when some unilorin students will tell me to post for them and they open their mouth to say they would get me traffic, and I'm like baby... I need the traffic but I don't pay with traffic to my hosting company ,I pay with cash, guys!  My hosting company don't argue with me, once there is no money to pay for the hosting, they will just wipe my site from Google.

I know many bloggers, but I know just few female bloggers who are like myself and I'm working so hard to ensure I do the right thing, post the right thing, send the right information and that is one of the good reason I decided to work with YALI networks.

The journey has not being smooth so far but I can say the blogging business has helped me feel fullfiled and of course paid some of my bills.

As a web designer, I have worked with different blogging companies, registered various companies on Google with the help of gbetutv,  how many of you know gbetu,  if you don't know him...  Then you didn't know people o!

My friends has being great and I really do love them, they help me when I feel like the blogging work is getting hard, some of them help me write attendant whenever I have to leave school for media works, some of them help me to fix codes when I get knocked out!  Yes I do get knocked out o!  I was designing for a client and he kept changing what he wanted and I lost it...  I had to call a male blogger friend, most female blogger don't really know much about designs and other stuff.

 Oh I forgot to mention how my blogging work got me the chance of being a milky way ambassador( milky way movement is a movement from Pakistan that ensure that strong youths  are at ease encouraging others) , those period were my best! I met different kids, I'm happy some still get in touch with me. 

I won't forget to also share how my blogging career has given me the chance of being an indomie campus ambassador, I remembered when I got called, I was like wow! I was just dancing, mehn!  The fact that I will be representing a company was fun!  I worked with wonderful people, the likes of kaybaba, ogedegbe, tundexmania... If you know any of them, just say... Yeah!
It was fun being the only lady among them.
So today, I'm celebrating the years of success, failure, hard feelings and mixed feelings that my blogging life has brought me through.

To my audience, how could I have gotten here without you  guys! You guys rock!
  Visiting my site daily all through the past years I have started, I really do appreciate you. 

I will be giving some little token out - Some recharged cards, cartoons of indomie,  toast bread which will be delivered to some people in school and a nice clothing for a lucky winner.

Temi Badmus
C. E. O,

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