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WHAT THEN IS THE PROBLEM? by Comrade Ita Ekeng


Come to think of it, my country has all what it takes to be considered a great nation. Ironically, however, that is yet to be. 

What then is the problem? Despite abundant human and material resources my country is blessed with, the standard of living of my fellow citizens is still very low. 

Inspite of all efforts being made by various regimes towards poverty eradication, the more we try to move forward, the more we find ourselves moving backward. This means there is a problem somewhere. 

What is this problem? Where is it located?

We always emphasized that the problem identified is the problem half solved.  This should be the reason of why we must return or vote wisely - a person who has discovers or identify the people problems. If we see an individual who can bring the dependable solution to our problems, we have to canvass for such an an aspirant.  

Don't forget this in a jiffy, as an independent nation which is my country, your country, our country has experimented a number of systems of government with a view to identify the most suitable system which can eradicate poverty in this country....

Without seeing any regimes that has contributed in eradication of poverty, then what has became the stroke that broke the Carmel's back. What is the reason behind underdevelopment,
Lack of good industries,
High level of poverty, and social unrest despite this changes of leadership. 

What is the problem? The system, the operation, the leaders, the followers, all of the above or none of the above? 

What then is the problem? Where lies the problem?


Comrade Ita Ekeng
Cross River.

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