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Advice: Why Omisore should not embark on a 'spoiler' mission.

Your Excellency, don't forget to remember your shelter during winter.

Collective cooking is always an interesting communal experience. It amazes one how the taste of the food ends up good even with several people making their different inputs in how best to achieve the desired taste. How ever, it has been observed that amongst the people cooking, some will cook, taste and eventually eat. Some will cook, taste but not eat, some will not cook, will not taste but will eat of the food. At the end, satisfaction of all is derived from the satisfaction of the people they serve. Those sabotaging the cooking are those that will bring evil report to the team that cooked with sincerity of purpose.

Ideally, the forgoing is the nature of internal party politics. The PDP has come a long way since 1999 when it was in the opposition and then later the ruling party in Osun State. The likes of Chief Ebenezer Babatope, Dr Olu Alabi, Late S M Afolabi, Alh S. Oyedokun and other founding fathers of the party in the State did all that they can do for PDP to become relevant, accepted and projected. 

They did not benefit at same level, but they are satisfied with seeing people like us sustaining the dream of our founders. When the government of Chief Akande of AD was oppressive of members of AD that he suspected to be political renegades, of which you Chief Omisore was seen and directly accused of been the leader of the belligerents, we stood on the other side comforting you, but did not pressure you to jump from the moving train.

At the time when your traducers were drowning you and squeezing life from you, we threw in our life boat to rescue you from their jaws. You became the first politician to win a major election from prison custody. Otunba sir, at that time, your success was not crucial to the enthronement of PDP in Osun, we were just been humane by allowing destiny to use us to be a rescue pad for you. You became a Senator and remained so until we lost power.

Sir, you are one of those that did not partake in the cooking, but privileged to taste and eat. It is unfortunate that you have towed the path of denigrating the very broth that you have eaten from. The PDP family in Osun has given you a fair chance and even when when you failed, we still respect your place in our family and appreciate you a lot. But your personal interest won't allow any peace reign except the wind blows in your direction alone - sad and unacceptable.

Osun State need PDP to rescue it from the strangulation of present tyrants in Abere. This is not the time for you to abandon the Party that has been a home of refuge for you in your darkest hours. As a cleric and politician who loves you from the depth of my heart, I am concerned that you are on the path of political perdition and history won't be kind to you if PDP supposedly bulk vote is divided to elongate the current hardship afflicted on the workers, pensioners and of course, the teeming party faithfuls that are opined to be emancipated in a soon time.

We are united as a Family in PDP Osun State and we are resolved to win back the mandate of the people and serve them the dividends of Democracy that has eluded them in the past 8 years. Your excellency sir, if reneging your decision to leave the party is a bit difficult, pls don't join another political party in a hurry as that is only what will give you a honor that you deserve. Where you pitch with today will determine where you will reach tomorrow.

I greet you sir.


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