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Akin Alabi's Wednesday Advise on Money & Getting Rich.

On Wednesday, 9th May, Akin Alabi's tweeted his thought on who needs money the more getting rich. 

Read below.

Many years ago, I used to say the best time to have money is when you’re young and can enjoy it. Now, I’ve realized that you need money more when you are older. Kids growing older, retirement etc. Don’t be desperate. You don’t have today, you can have tomorrow & still enjoy life.

There is no latecomer in the “success world” or “rich world”. Whenever you get there, you are welcome. You will enjoy your life and almost forget you ever suffered. It doesn’t have to be now and there is no prize for being the first person to get “there”.

When I was in my teens and early twenties and a bit of late twenties, I used to marvel at how some of my age mates were enjoying life. I felt I would never catch up and they were already ahead of me. 

Tah! There is nothing like that. Today, none of us remembers who succeeded first.

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