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Always Deliver the Job Immediately - Fadaka Louis

Guys! When you work for someone, please deliver immediately and totally.
Nothing fu**s up or build your business like RECOMMENDATION!

Because you have multiple client now dosen't mean it will not reduce, 'cos your bad attitude will spread no matter how humble and your multiple customers will look for comfort in Others.

Your bad attitude will send even possible investors away and you will not understand what happened. i.e nothing turns off like total failure in JOB and ATTITUDE. They will flee.

Have you seen or heard of customers leaving Boss for Apprentice? Yes it's that fast.

Remember, there is a thousand of you. If a photographer for instance, there is a thousand people with Camera waiting to get a quick job, and I tell you smart business men and women don't need the fu**ing certificate or where you went to learn your photography, all I need is for the photos be good, momentious and delivered IMMEDIATELY for me to use as required. Remember it's delivery for delivery, if you don't I don't. Do not stain others with your bad attitude. Sit at home and let others do the job.

Be careful be wise. Life is not by force. It's strictly runs by MR NIGER D.


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