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AYOHRKARZ the Journey - Body Painting, Customizing Materials - Lagos, Nigeria.

With the high increase of Literary Creativity in musical art, fine and visual art across the world, Nigerians are not left behind. Many have even grown to be the greatest and highly recommended. Also, polytechnic like Yabatech have proven to be the best in bringing out hands-blessed talent, this is seen in the display by "The Fashion Savvy" at the last Open Mall Fashion Show held at the Onikan City Mall, Lagos during the weekend.

 Another bright mind with muse for Body Painting has emerged with too much to give. Meet Ayohrkarz, a young man who draws tattoo comfortably using paint. He practically 'wears you with paint' that people are so comfortable around you forgetting you are naked.

Body painting has come a long way, it is an almost forgotten way of life. In fact it was often worn during ceremonies, it still survives in this ancient form among the indigenous people of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and parts of Africa.  Now across the world it has become an expensive form of entertainment or marketing because of its rareness to find - it is easier getting people to draw on paper and walls but not on skin, the body and Ayohrkarz does this perfectly.
My attention was drawn to this phenomenon as Nigeria's  most famous contortionist, Dflex, kept tagging him on Instagram, so I decided to check who makes him glow so much, then I discovered its serious business.

His real name is Ayomide Kasali Emmanuel and he is a graduate of Yabatech. He's got amazing eyes and hands for painting...painting on skin.  He can also customise on sneakers, Leather, Jean Jackets, Wood, Paper, Clothes and anything that can take colour. Just tell him what you want and he gat you.

Body Painting can be used in movies, music video shoot, photo shoot, carnivals, and much more.

Models and Video Vixens have been noticed to be the smartest in this case since they need it to upgrade their portfolios, I have also noticed some designers use it for their runway models to glow the stage. I got more amazed when I saw an event host on body paint, no clothes but pant on...

In music also, Yemi Alade have been noticed to be around body painting since she is a die-hard African ambassaor, reason why she is acclaimed "Mama Africa".

The theme of Ayohrharz's art is SURREALISM REVOLUTION, art of the subconscious.

It is a broad subject that talks about life, positive energy, hope.. And African dieties. He incorporate incongruous juxtaposition of African traditional shapes elements, colours and figures in every process of his painting.

About what motivates him. He says "I am motivated by situations I find myself. Me being an opportunist instead of me taking my anger on issues, I'd rather transfer then on any surface."

"In this context," he continues "I use majorly the human skin to speak,.. I am now able to connect with people's subconscious mind through body art."

I also paint on some other surfaces, wood, paper, clothes, shoes
Although the human body gives me more vibe because there is a communion between the two bodies..
I and my canvas

...And from the beginning  till the end takes a sacred process.

Ayohr's hope is for people to see beyond the nude and see the messages as they unveil.

Enjoy some of his work below.

To contact this genius 
Instagram @ayohrkarz
Phone  📱 08180250431
Twitter @ayohrkarz
Fbk @ayomide kasali
Email 📧 [email protected]

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