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Ruhuna, Sir Jus, Jindal, TPCF & StevenChuks pitched - Food West Africa 2018

Just Ice

Mmmmmmmm, there is just too much to say about these brands but I will be brief because it wasn't easy picking out of many brands I met at the just concluded Food West Africa Conference, held at the Landmark Centre, Lagos from 8th to 10th May,  2018.

Ow! The photo above is a quick one to let you know that the idea behind "Just Ice" is not bad. "Just Ice" is a Nigerian company (based on the mainland but sleep more on the island) that created this new way of preserving food and drinks for a longer time than normal, they can help keep things cold and we'll preserved for as long as three days.  So contacting them should give you peace of mind. That's all.

Moving on to the five main companies or brands, I must say these people really prepared, so and not to bore you with stories I will do punchline.

The tea, the juice, the bread spread, the paper people and finally the importer.

1. Ruhuna: This company distributes the finest green tea - the Ceylon Tea by Sri Lanka. This tea works like magic, a customer once mummur to me,  "this tea is way better than Yoga" , I whispered back "are you sure? " But then I got my yes the next day, but hey, Karate still does it for me...
Ogbonna Blessing Adaeze, Ceylon Tea's sales representative in Nigeria at the Food West Africa Conference 2018, Landmark Center, Lagos. 

Well according to Ogbonna Blessing Adaeze, Ceylon Tea's sales representative in Nigeria, "It helps to detoxify the body; It reduces high blood pressure; Good for your teeth and bones and it makes your skin glow when you drink 5 or more cups a day.
Sri Lanka 7 flavours

This black tea from nearby India are made from 7 regions at Sri Lanka - same tea but different taste. Good for you!

2. Sir Jus/Tamarind: Have you ever tried a small sachet of juice in a bottle mixed with water, and when you thought you need another sachet to make then you realize you are already on overdose. This is the exact case with this brand.
This is straight to point a sweet-tongue-satisfaction-group and they are not joking around with trust.

A sachet of Sir Jus Orange or Tamarind Flavoured Instant Drink will give you 3 full bottles (N50 bottle water) of highly refreshing drinks. Best when chilled.
Staff of Sir Jus, Tamarind & Deka 

The Sir Jus is currently moving strong in Nigeria among pupils, so you never can tell, ask your kids what they think.

3. Jindal Cocoa: This company is just positively-greedy. Their innovation is overwhelming. The Jindal Cocoa Private Limited from Mumbai practically play with cocoa like its chinchin!

They presented three brands - the Creamy Delicious Spreads which comes in Almond White Chocolate Spread, Peanut Chocolate Spread, Peanut High Protein Spread and Hazelnut Chocolate Spread; the Drinking Chocolate Spread which comes in - Cinnamon and Mocha and the Cocoa Powder.
The Jindal, Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
This one above has been tasted and bread and fingers have never been the same. Shout-out to Sandeep Kokante.

4. The Paper Cup Factory: This is a Nigerian based and owned company. They are into food packaging and every pack is made with paper....
They are into production of Paper Cups/Lids, Salad Packs, Multi-Food Containers, Paper Bags, Food Boxes, Food Trays, Grease Proof Paper and Sleeves. 

5. StevenChuks Global Associates Limited: This is an importation group with head office at Aba. They import Laser Bake Beans, Laser Salad Cream, Laser Tomato Ketchup and Golden Country Mayonnaise, all produced in United Kingdom. Interestingly they are currently in need of distributors. Reach them! 

So that's my Pitch. Feel free to share your thought using the comment box below. 

The Food West-Africa is a food and beverage trade exhibition. The exhibiton hosts over 100 exhibitors from 20+ countries worldwide offering you the chance to source a wide variety of the latest food and beverage products and services available to market. It also offers a business-to-business platform promoting supply chain partnership along with imports and exports. 

Other photos:

And by the way, I tried Hans and René for the first time...very competitive against Cold Stone.

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