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Ghanaian President: Four Judges suspended for Bribery Scandal

Following the graft scandal rocking the country's judicial system, four judges have been suspended in Ghana on Wednesday, 9th June.

According to President Nana Akufo-Addo, the suspension of the high court judges came after a disciplinary committee launched a case against them.

The four belonged to a group of 12 judges who were caught on tape in 2015 by a local journalist investigating allegations of bribe-taking to influence cases.
“The suspension follows the establishment of a prima facie case against the four justices by the committee set up by the chief justice to investigate alleged acts of bribery and corruption,” said presidency spokesman Eugene Arhin in a statement.
Twenty lower court judges and magistrates have already been sacked following the bribery expose that shocked the west African nation, which prides itself on being a bastion of democracy and good governance in the region.

An undercover footage exposing the judges and more than 100 court officials accepting money from clients - from appointments to false rulings.

Some of those featured in the expose tried to block the broadcast but it was eventually shown, therefore call for judicial reform.

More so, the investigative journalist behind the expose, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who uses an array of disguises, has become a celebrity in Ghana after the cat was let out. 

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